Delivering a Message
That Speaks to People

When you take your seat at a Gary Polain presentation, what thoughts flash through your mind?

“Oh great. He works with mechanical engineers. This is going to be as dull as dishwater.”

Well if you think that Gary’s just another dry business planner, you’ve got it all wrong. There’s nothing bland about this man, ‘cause he’s the real deal.

A Dynamic Speaker

Quite literally, Gary will have you at hello. Like many Aussies, his warm and outgoing personality is absolutely infectious. Gary charms and interacts with teams and audiences to get people excited and keep them engaged.

That means no bobbing heads and no glazed looks at your event. Gary makes any subject fascinating — whether inspiring audiences to discover their unique genius or how to outsell the competition using Spin Selling techniques.

Gary attributes his effectiveness as a speaker and facilitator to his well-balanced brain—seriously. Equal parts left brain (logical) and right brain (creative), Gary has the perspective to put himself in the shoes of others.

Get Gary Talking

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Gary Polain
"The Biz Wiz of Oz"


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