Turning Good Intentions
Into Profitable Actions

Everyone has good intentions when it comes to making lasting business change. But you know what they say about the road being paved by good intentions. At OZmosis Leadership, we’ll make you accountable to execute on your strategic intent.

It Works Because of Teamwork

Through a facilitated process, Gary Polain works with business leaders to develop and execute a strategy and teach the management team to collaborate and work together effectively.

Gary’s someone who really likes to stir the pot and get people to that slightly uncomfortable place. His gift is asking the tough questions, helping to surface what the real issues are at play. As that process unfolds, you and your team will begin to articulate and execute a solid plan for your business future.

The real magic happens over the long term, as Gary becomes your trusted advisor and coach. His special training and development programs are designed to align with the intent of the company's strategic plan. He often consults with management teams to augment their supervisory, sales and presentation skills or coaches executives one-on-one to improve their leadership skills.

Change Begins with Commitment

You can’t expect to knock out an effective strategic plan over a weekend retreat and call it change. It takes time to get to a place as an organization that pushes your team far beyond the boundaries of where you are today.

Working with OZmosis Leadership, you can expect to invest anywhere from 18 months to 2 years. As the business leader, you'll be expected to look Gary Polain in the eye, shake his hand and tell him that you'll commit the time, energy, resources and team members necessary to change your business.

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Gary Polain
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